• Mike Casale

    Mike Casale

    machine learning developer, climate action, blockchain & defi enthusiast.

  • Caleb Ontiveros

    Caleb Ontiveros

    Founder of Stoa http://stoameditation.com/. Philosophy PhD dropout.

  • Ertugrul Bayindir

    Ertugrul Bayindir

  • Raivat Shah

    Raivat Shah

    I’m a senior in Computer Science and I write about my experiences in tech and finance! I enjoy reading about tech, finance, economics, politics and science

  • 0x5d


    // TODO: fix missing bio

  • Randy J. Houlahan

    Randy J. Houlahan

  • Evan Williams

    Evan Williams

    Senior Data Scientist @ Digital Science, college football fan, food and coffee enthusiast

  • baa


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